Air Travel To and From, Lanzarote

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Air Travel, Lanzarote

Lanzarote has a modern airport measuring upto all international standards. Flights from all over Europe land there. Apart from international flights. Lanzarote also receives its fair share of National and Domestic flights. Over 5.5 Million passengers use the Lanzarote airport each year. The airport is well maintained and clean.


Binter Airlines

For travel within Canary Islands two airlines rule the roost. Binter the market leader and Islas airline. They have several flights daily connecting travelers travelling from one island to another within the Canary Islands archipelago. All such flights are of short duration of less than 1 hour.

Restaurants and Cafeteria at the Airport

Lanzarote airport has a variety of eating options. Many international restaurant chains such as Burger King, Upper Crust, Henry J. Beans, There are other options available for you to choose right from Coffee joints to Spanish eating joints.

Duty Free Shopping

Canary Islands have traditionally been a lower VAT (IGIC 7%) Vs around 20 % VAT in other parts of Europe. All of Canary Islands thus have this duty free image.


Airport Aloe Vera shop

Tourists from all over Europe love shopping on their holiday at Canary Islands. Cigarettes, Liquor, Perfumes, Electronics etc. They save on the VAT´s and can get special deals.

The Lanzarote airport are an extension of the rest of the island. Due to the low duty on occasions the prices outside at the shops within the island are many times cheaper than even at the duty free shops at the airport. Look for the deal and if you find it go ahead and buy it. Lanzarote airport has a fair share of Perfume, Tobacco, Clothes and Leather bag shops. It also has a local handicraft shop giving you the last minute choice of buying souvenirs for family and friends.

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