La Geria, Volcanic Wine Producing Region

La Geria is a part of the unique volcanic landscape the land was exploited for the planting of vines for wine production. The variety abundant is of the Malvasia.

The vines are planted in cones, locally called lapilli, and further protected by small dry stone walls. Fruit were also planted as fig, in the same way. Such planting allows plants more easily take root in the fertile, while the upper layer of lapilli reduces evaporation. Furthermore, the shape of the holes and the additional wall to protect crops from the wind.

La Geria Vineyard

Geria is a protected natural area including a protected area for the birds and within the area also includes the Cave of the Naturalist a large tube which is natural.

The Natural Park of La Geria includes land from 5 districts of Lanzarote. The area contains over 5,200 hectares. This area surrounds the Timanfaya National Park.


La Geria Vine yard

At Lanzarote the farmers use a special technique to cultívate the land. The main problem for the farmers is for the soil to retain the wáter from the ground heat. The steps involved are fairly simple. First the land is cleared and the arable land is covered with ash. Wall is built to protect the vine plantation from the strong wind. During the day the ash protects the rays of the sun to penétrate the ground and helps retain the moisture. The volcanic nature of the island gives the wines from Lanzarote a unique flavour.

The protected area status of La Geria has helped the area from all construction activity and maintained the traditional agricultural landscape of the area.

Lanzarote wines are famous for the Dry & Semi Dry type of wines that are produced in the area. Lanzarote wines are of very good quality and have won a number of awards at the international level. Another speciality are the aromatic variety of wines called Malmsey. Some of the well known brands are Pedro Ximenez, Moscatel, Airen, Palomino, Tinta Negra Mole etc.



Wines of Lanzarote

Malvasia accounts for over 75 % of the brand which is exported out of Lanzarote.


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