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The Island of Lanzarote has good modern European Standard Medical facilities. You have a choice of private and public health care facilities spread throughout the island.

Under the medical agreement all EU citizens are entitled to free medical facilities during your stay at Lanzarote. Travelers from other EU countries can apply for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in their country before travelling to Lanzarote. This will entitle you to same medical rights as those offered to you in your country of domicile.

The EHIC card entitles the holder to necessary State Health Care in any country within the EEA as well as Switzerland. The EEA Agreement unites the 27 EU member states and the three EFTA EEA states (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). Irish travelers can apply for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) online at www.ehic .ie similarly UK travelers can apply for their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) card online at It is important to note that in the case of illness or accident state-provided emergency treatment is covered.

Private health insurance companies also have tie up with private doctors and private hospitals throughout Lanzarote. Most private Dr´s and hospital accept European Private health insurance patients with same terms as offered in the country of origin. If you have private insurance then you can get more personalized attention in your native language. In the main city of Arrecife and the chief tourist areas of Playa Blanca, Costa Teguise, Puerto Del Carmen you should find an English or German speaking Doctor quite easily. Just ask in your hotel / apartment complex and they can guide you.

If you do not have a private insurance you can still get 24 hour medical attention in one of the Govt clinics. Look for the name /  sign “Centro de Salud”  which denotes government run health care centres.  Normally you will be treated at these Centro de Salud where the personnel would speak in Spanish mostly but some of the Doctors and staff might also be able to converse in English and or German.

There is a big public hospital at Arrecife having all kinds of medical facilities at your disposal.

Lanzarote General Hospital


For small matters such as cold, flu, etc the local chemist in your area can also re-commend you some medicines. In the capital as well as the main tourist area remember that there will be atleast 1 medical store open 24 hours for any medicine that you may need. Your hotel / apartment complex can tell you which one is open on which day. Alternatively there is a board hung outside every chemist showing you the names of the local chemists open on that given day.

Please note for any antibiotics you will need a medical prescription so even if you are aware of the medicine you need the local chemist cannot sell the same to you over the counter without the Dr´s prescription.

Lanzarote is well equipped for physically challenged persons. All sorts of help and facilities are at hand to help.

Tip:  The summer sun can be quite strong.  Remember thus to apply generously Sun protective cream to avoid burns.

Drink lots of fluids at the beach to avoid dehydration.

Bring a list of your medical prescriptions so that the local chemist can give you local variants of your medicines just in case you run out of stock of your regular medicines.

Please remember it is advisable to use only bottled water for drinking as most often the local water is not potable.

Avoid driving after drinking alcoholic drinks as the penalty is quite stiff. More than that the National Highways are poorly lit and it would be safe for you to drive while you are sober. In case you would like to indulge in a few drinks remember to take a cab back to your Hotel / apartment.

Please note the Government Health emergency number for Ambulance is 112

Arrecife General Hospital

There is one large main public hospital on the island. In case of an emergency or an accident the persons are taken here. Note holiday makers have to carry with them their passport / National ID together with their EHIC card for treatment here. Please note you may not always find a speaker who understands any English or German or for the matter any other language. If available a Spanish translator or speaker would be quite handy.

Should you need a private English or German Doctor please check at your hotel / apartment complex to guide you.

Beware however some of these so called German / English Doctor may not really speak the language. In case you have private insurance please make sure they accept your insurance in order to avoid huge bills.

In case of no private insurance it would be wise to check the consultancy charges before the treatment to avoid surprises. Private Doctors in Spain are not regulated by any charge chart, they can charge as they themselves choose.

We are giving below the addresses and telephone numbers of the Government Medical facilities throughout the island of Lanzarote for your ready reference :


Medical Centre   Telephone Numbers
Hospital General de Lanzarote 928812350 /  928801636
Hospital Insular del Cabildo (Geriátrico) 928810000
Government Medical Centres
Centro de Salud de Valterra, Calle Pérez Galdós 92 (Arrecife) 928597108 / 928803641
Centro de Salud Titerroy, Calle la Carmen S/N (Arrecife) 928507097
Centro de Salud de Valterra, Avenida Mármoles S/N (Arrecife) 928800909 / 928814380
Centro de Salud de Santa Coloma 928597097
Consultorio Médico de Haría 928835621
Consultorio Médico de Mala, Calle Villa Nueva 39 (Haría) 928529516
Centro de Salud de San Bartolomé,  Calle Dr. Cerdeña Bethencourt 8 (San Bartolomé) 928522265 / 928522259
Centro de Salud de Teguise, Avenida Gran Aldea 75 (Teguise) 928593004 / 6
Centro de Salud de Tías, Avenida Central S/N (Tías) 928524240 / 4
Centro de Salud de Yaiza, Lugar Vista De Yaiza S/N (Yaiza) 928830190
Centro de Salud Playa Honda, Calle San Borondon S/N (San Bartolomé) 928820909
Centro de Salud San Bartolomé, Calle Villa Nueva S/N (Haría) 928529534



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