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The local buses within the island of Lanzarote offer good service and offer wide connections throughout the island. They act as the main public life line for the island. It needs to be noted that the island does not have any rail or mono rail service.

Bus Station, Lanzarote


If you plan to stay a few days in the island and prefer not to rent a car then the buses are the best alternative.
If you plan on making multiple trips then it would be more economical and convenient to buy a bus pass at the bus station. You can avail of upto 50 % discount over the regular price by using the pass. The price per ticket varies by the distance and route you take. Each trip can cost between € 0,75 to € 3.00.

The local buses are called guaguas in Spanish and pronounced as “wah-wah” are without a doubt the most economical means of transportation to travel anywhere within the island. The buses inter connect the main tourist centres with the Arrecife, Lanzarote ´s capital. It also connects the Capital with almost all the villages on the island.

Lanzarote Bus


Frequency of the bus can vary widely depending upon from where to where you wish to travel. Kindly also take note in advance of the time table for the route you plan to take. The frequency in most cases on bank holidays and Sundays vary from those of the weekday schedule.

On some of the key routes the buses operate throughout the night too.  We are giving below a chart with the buses operating within the islands as a guideline :

Bus Number
Bus Route  Frequency
1 Arrecife – Costa Teguise – Arrecife  Day and Night 24 Hour Service
2 Arrecife – Puerto del Carmen – Arrecife  Day and Night 24 Hour Service
3 Costa Teguise – Puerto del Carmen  Day and Night 24 Hour Service
5 Arrecife – Femés – Arrecife 08:00 – 20:00 Hours
60 Arrecife – Playa Blanca- Arrecife 06:00 – 20:00 Hours
7 Arrecife – Máguez – Arrecife 07:00 – 20:30 Hours
9 Arrecife – Órzola – Arrecife 07:40 – 18:10 Hours
10 Arrecife – Los Valles – Arrecife 06:30 – 20:40 Hours
11 Costa Teguise – Teguise Market (Only Sundays) 09:30 – 14:00 Hours
12 Puerto del Carmen – Teguise Market (Only Sundays) 09:30 – 14:00 Hours
13 Playa Blanca – Teguise Market (Only Sundays) 09:30 – 14:00 Hours
16 Arrecife – Tinajo – La Santa- Tinajo – Arrecife 07:00 – 19:45 Hours
19 Arrecife – Coníl – La Asomada – Coníl – Arrecife 07:00 – 20: 00 Hours
20 Arrecife – Caleta de Famara- Arrecife 06:30 – 21: 30 Hours
21 Arrecife – Playa Honda – Arrecife 06:45 – 22: 50 Hours
22 Arrecife – Aeropuerto – Arrecife 06:55 – 22: 40 Hours
23 Arrecife – Aeropuerto – Playa Honda (Saturdays – Sundays and Holidays) 07:00 – 21: 00 Hours
24 Arrecife – Puerto Calero – Arrecife 07:00 – 00: 05 Hours
25 Costa Teguise – Puerto Calero – Costa Teguise 07:00 – 00: 05 Hours
Within Playa Blanca 06:30 – 22:00 Hours
31 Costa Teguise – Caleta de Famara 07:30 – 22: 00 Hours
32 Playa Honda – San Bartolomé – Arrecife 07:00 – 21: 00 Hours
33 Costa Teguise – Caleta de Famara – Muñique 07:30 – 16: 15 Hours
34 Tías 07:00 – 22: 00 Hours
52 La Santa – Los Valles 07:00 – 21: 10 Hours
53 La Santa – Teguise 09:00 – 21:20 Hours
61 Puerto del Carmen – Playa Blanca 07:45 – 22: 35 Hours
Arrecife – Punta Mujeres 07:10 – 20: 00 Hours
Arrecife – Tahíche 06:30 – 20: 00 Hours
Arrecife – Teguise 06:30 – 20: 00 Hours
L-60 Arrecife – Tías 06:30 – 21: 00 Hours


(Kindly note the routes, timings & the fares are subject to change please thus refer the latest charts available at the various bus stations)


Taxi´s are available throughout the island. You can hail down a taxi with its green colour lit of the roof. In case the colour lit is red it would mean that the taxi is occupied or it is time for it to go Off Duty.

At the popular spots, main tourist areas and the capital Arrecife you can get a taxi fairly easily specially during the commercial hours of the day. Late nights or in lesser popular spots it would be better to dial a Radio Taxi to be arranged at the hour of you choosing. On weekends and bank holidays a 1 hour advance booking should be fine within the main tourist and city areas. For those secluded areas it may be wise to book atleast 3 – 4 hours in advance.

Kindly note most taxi drivers may be able to speak in Spanish only, some perhaps may be able to speak / understand a bit of English or German too. It may thus be better to write on a piece of paper the address of your destination as the names of some of the places may be difficult for you to pronounce.

We are giving below Tel No´s of some of the Radio Taxi operators at each of the areas within the island :



Lanzarote Taxi

Lanzarote Airport: 928 520 176
Arrecife: 928 800 806
Haría / Órzola: 620 315 350
San Bartolomé / Playa Honda: 928 520 176
Teguise / Costa Teguise: 902 363 400 / 928 806 233
Tías / Puerto del Carmen: 928 524 220
Tinajo / La Santa: 928 840 049
Yaiza / Playa Blanca: 928 524 222



Rent A Car


Being a tourist paradise there are more cars available for rent than the total local population. You infact will be spoilt for choice as far as the car model variety available.

There are car rental offices all over the island. There is a choice of International, National and Local car rental companies.

Hertz, Avis, Cicar, Gold car, Sixt and a variety of local operators are all present. They all offer you a variety of packages and cars for you to choose from.

Most big car rental operators have an office at the airport so that you can rent a car upon arrival and handover the same back on your way out of the island.

Note : It may save you some money booking online to get the best deal.

The competition is stiff and thus you can rent a car from Euro 20 / day onwards. Please look at the fine print to ensure that within the price A PROPER insurance is included. Also please note if more than 1 person would drive the car to include the other person´s name too as a Co-driver to avoid any insurance related issues in case of any accident.

Speed Limits

The maximum speed limit on National Highway / Roads is 90 km / h. In urban areas, main tourist spots the speed limit is 60 km / hour, unless otherwise specified by a different speed limit sign.

The Spanish traffic laws stress a lot on safe driving. Radars and Traffic police monitor most urban and National highways for traffic offenders. You could be fined for not using a seat belt. Please note every passenger should wear a seat belt. Driving under the influence of alcohol or the use of a mobile phone without a hands-free device such as a Parrot can also result as a fine.

In urban and tourist areas you can park the car in the blue parking zone or any garage. You will have to pay by the minute. To avoid these charges you may find some bylanes slightly off the main streets in non parking meter zones. In Arrecife you would be lucky to find a parking spot even in the blue zone in the peak hours. If you are short of time then it would be better to park in one of the many pay and park garages in the capital.

Petrol stations sell unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel, and usually accept credit cards.

If you are involved in an accident of great magnitude, call 091. If you’re not hurt exchange the necessary data with the other driver/s involved in the accident. The rental agencies must have a contracted insurance for the driver and the car and also have a phone number available for breakdowns of the vehicle. Please refer the manual / papers given.

Rent a Car Or Motor bike

Atlantis Rent a Car Costa Teguise
c/ Fragata, 1
Phone:+34 928 827 055

Autos A. Cabrera Costa Teguise
Avda del Mar
Phone:928 591289 / 928 591859 / 928 590103

Autos American CarPuerto del Carmen
Aptos Turilanza, Avda de las Playas

Autos Anthon Puerto del Carmen
Avda de las Playas, 51, L-1

Autos Autored Playa Honda
Polígono Industrial Lanza belga

Autos Borges Costa Teguise
Las Olas, 1

Autos Cabrera Medina Playa honda
Zona Industrial de Playa Honda

Autos Cicar, Arrecife
c/ Cuba, 5

Autos Elisabeth, Puerto del Carmen
c/ Palangre, 27

Autos FamaraCosta Teguise
Apartamentos Tahiche, local 4 – C/ Las Olas

Autos Feber, Arrecife
Avda Mancomunidad, s/n Sótano frente al Arrecife G

Autos Felycar, Playa Honda
Autovia LZ-2 Arrecife-Yaiza

Autos Guayre, Costa Teguise
Avda.Las Acacias 4,C.CEl Trebol local 28
Phone:928591021 / 618739848

Autos Lanzauto, Puerto del Carmen
Avda. de las Playas,12
Phone:928510744 / 928510618

Autos Montecar, Costa Teguise
C/Las Acacias,s/n

Autos Moreno, Puerto del Carmen
Juan Carlos, I

Autos Plus Car, Costa Teguise
Avda del Jablillo, 16
Phone:928 827055 / 58
Autos Solyplaya, Puerto del Carmen
c/ Ajache, 1
Phone:928511106 / 05

Autos Vicente, Puerto del Carmen
c/ Juan Carlos I, 35

Hertz Canarias
Lanzarote Limusinas, Arrecife
c/ El Pedro, 7

LZ Motos, La Vegueta

Payless Car, Playa Honda
Crtra Aeropuerto km 3,7

Posh Cars S L, Puerto del Carmen
C/ Doramas, 27
Phone:928 514 126

Rent a Moto BlueSpeed, Costa Teguise
Phone:928 591 167

RR AutosNazaret
c/ Los Loros, 4

Terminal de Llegadas 1 – Aeropuerto de Lanzarote – 35509
Phone:928 846 276



Lanzarote is well connected with the other islands within the Canary Islands archipalego. There are 3 ferry lines which operate several routes almost on a daily basis. All these ferry lines also offer you the opportunity to travel with your car to the other islands. There are some ferry services for Mainland Spain too from Lanzarote.

Note : If you have a Rent a Car you may require permission from your company to allow you to take your car with you to another island.

There is also an almost hourly service to the Island of Graciosa from Lanzarote.


Lanzarote Ferry Service Schedule

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