New Name of Lanzarote Airport Announced – Cesar Manrique Airport

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The Central Council of Ministers have decided to pay tribute to the memory and legacy of the Great Canarian artist César Manrique, coinciding with the centenary of his birth on April 24 2019.

Cesar Manrique is widely considered as the father of modern Lanzarote. There is hardly any monument in which he did not have an active role while he was alive hand :


Cesar Manrique


In order to honour his legacy the council has approved changing the name of the Lanzarote airport to Cesar Manrique Airport.

A statement from the Ministry of Public Works recalls that Manrique was a well-liked painter, sculptor and multi-faceted artist in his homeland.

Cesar Manrique, is closely linked to the defence of ecology and the environment at Lanzarote. He showed the perfect interaction between artistic expression and nature.

Cesar Manrique has been an outstanding ambassador of Lanzarote.

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