Top 5 Theme Parks at Lanzarote

Timanfaya   – At Nº 1

Timanfaya National Park is one of Lanzarote ´s most famous land marks and also among the most visited sites of Lanzarote. It is located at the Fire Mountain (Montaña de Fuego) on the west of the island. Timanfaya is visited by over 1.5 Million each year this represents an important source of income for the island’s economy.


Timanfaya fire mountain


The park is so huge that it covers the districts of Tinajo and Yaiza.  The park is on an area of active volcanic activity.  Amazingly the Timanfaya Park has approximately 300 volcanoes which are dormant.

The last big volcanic eruptions occurred between the years 1730 and 1736. These were amongst the most important and one of the longest & continuous in history of volcanoes. The lava covered almost 1/3rd of the island. The last volcanic eruptions at Lanzarote took place in the year 1824.

Even after 90 years the entire area is still unusable. The total area affected by the volcano spans around 174 kms. 51 kms of which has been developed into a National Park. In 1974 about 51 kms of the total area was converted into a National Park. The National Park is extremely well protected. Cesar Manrique and Jesus Soto in 1968 had a road laid out so that visitors could enter the park without disturbing the fragile eco system of the National park. A stretch of about 14 kms of road was laid out perfectly camouflaged within and passing through mountains, caves, volcanic ash and Stone. It offers a great view and the power of nature.


Timanfaya fire


The park has a large bio-diversity with 180 different plant species and several types of lizards. Be sure that you will see a lot of lizards.

The Park has a restaurant “El Diablo” (The Devil) which like many others is an artistic creation of César Manrique in the year 1970. The building has a round solid structure made of dry dark stone with glazed walls and glass windows as a lookout of the volcanic landscape. The restaurant serves El Diablo you can taste the most typical and traditional local dishes, cooked completely with the underground heat. With your own eyes you can see the meat, chicken, pizza and other local dishes being prepared with natural heat.

The underground still has extreme heat and fires burning. When water is poured over the cavity the water gets thrown out as steam in an instant. Similarly if something is thrown into the cracks in the earth it immediately burns out. Temperatures can reach 600 ° C at a depth of 13m and it is as high as 120 ° C on the surface.

At various locations within the park we can see the figure of a devil made of rusty iron. This was the symbol used for Timanfaya. Created by César Manrique, is part and parcel of the tragic and sublime nature of the volcanic landscape.

The Camel Echadero (Short Camel Ride)

At the Timanfaya Park you can also take a camel ride. The ride is fairly short one and is up a hill on the back of a camel and back. This ride however will give you a closer view of the Fire Mountain. The camels walk on the volcano is undoubtedly one of the most classic of Lanzarote´s transport means combining with the exotic & spectacular surroundings.

The park is open 7 days of the week from 10:00 to 18:00 hours.

Tel: + 34 928 84 00 56 / + 34 928 84 00 57

Watch this YouTube Video on Timanfaya – Fire Mountain (Montaña de Fuego)


Jardin de Cactus at Nº 2

The Cactus Garden is located on the outskirts of Guatiza, on the road to Mala. From the road it is easy to recognize the entrance of the Cactus Garden as there is a sculpture of a cactus of 8 meters in height.

Jardin de Cactus (Cactus Garden)


The garden houses over 10,000 varieties of different species of Cactus from all over the world. This was one of the last projects undertaken by the famous artist Cesar Manrique. The whole garden has been built on an abandoned quarry of volcanic ash. In the centre are erected some stone monoliths which compliment the garden. On one side is an old mill restored by Cesar Manrique in 1973 which produced “Gofio” (Maiz flour) and which was consumed by the islanders as a staple diet historically. On the other side is an Amphitheatre for projection of video and filming.

The place has a visitors` gallery and panoramic Bar – Restaurant. It has a private car parking area with security.

The place is open from 10:00 hours to 17:30 hours and the entrance ticket is around Euro 5 per person.

The telephone number is:  928529397


Rancho Texas at Nº 3

Rancho Texas Park, at Lanzarote has a lot to offer. It can be a good fun day for a family day out. too much to offer to see and enjoy in a day. It is a fun filled Water Park. It also has spectacular animal, mammal and bird shows. This water park is a great way to spend the day to soak in the sun ´s rays and take a dip in the pool. Rancho Park is your miniature Water Park, a mini zoo and bird park all in one.

The park has beautiful gardens with waterfalls and a variety of exotic birds and animals including white tigers, pumas, buffalos, crocodiles. Etc.


Rancho Texas


They also offer pony rides and canoeing at a small extra cost. The park has many souvenir shop and fantastic choice of Fast Food restaurants.

The park is open from 09:30 to 17:30 hours.

Rancho Park offers Courtesy Bus service from most popular tourist spots to the theme park and back to the hotel.

It is a great one day picnic for the complete family.

The price at the time of writing this post is Euro 18 for adults and Euro 13 for children between 2 and 14 years of age. Residents of Canary Islands have special discount.

The telephone number is:  928 841286


Go Karting at Nº 4

San Bartolome Go KartingTrack has been built on a natural hill. The Hillside provides naturally challenging twists and turns to test the skills of every driver. It is a great outing for lovers of car racing and having an adventurous day out.

Go Kart Track Lanzarote 1


Go Karting track is open 365 days a year. During Summer season (April-October) opening times are  from 10am-20.00hrs. During the Winter season (November-March) the hours are from 10am-18.00hrs.

Apart from a racing track the theme park has a fantastic sun-terrace and bar with panoramic view of the Eastern coast of Lanzarote.

They have different options available  depending upon the number of rides you´ll wish to take. Price for children start from E 5 onwards and for adults from E 10 onwards. There are group and family discounts available based on the package you choose.

Their telephone number is :  928 520022


Guinate Park at Nº 5


A lovely Bird and Animal park spread over 45,000 sq meters. It claims to have over 1,300 birds and animals.  The park is located in the Northern part of Lanzarote in the province of Haria. It sits on the foot of Mount Corona. It rises to about 400 meters above the sea level. From the park you can see the neighboring islands of La Graciosa, Alegranza and Montaña Clara.


Guinate Tropical Park 1


Within the park you will find waterfalls, streams giving a natural effect and home to many of species of birds, animals, reptiles and fishes.

The park also conducts parrot and animal shows throughout the day.

It is a great one day excursion can be more entertaining as well as educative for your children.

The telephone number is:  928 835500


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